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Archive for March, 2010

There are a lot of things that go into pre-production.  It’s a busy time, trying to fit everything together to prepare for shooting.  There is one task, though, that has me in equal parts excitement and worry. Casting.  I think the casting of Tilt will be one of the more difficult parts of the pre-production [...]

by Julie & Jessica of King is a Fink Director Phil Holbrook had been kicking around his idea for TILT for a few years, but our involvement with the project started on December 29th, 2009, with this message: Just for the sake of discussion, what do you think you would charge for a script, if [...]

I was asked a question recently while eating lunch at the E Squared Cafe.  ”How in the world do you find the time to work, spend time with your family, and make films?”  That is a very good question.  I have a day job, my own video production business, a family, and then this passion [...]

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Here it is.  The one you’ve all been waiting for…. I think.

Watch out!

Today’s Video Blog features Tilt writer Julie Keck.

Here is a video blog Phil did after watching the Oscars. Yes, he’s all into it. So go ahead and watch the sleep deprived ramblings of an Oscar nut.

By Jeremy Doyle What an exciting time to be a filmmaker! Sure, it’s a tough time as far as funding and distribution go, but, as a cinematographer, I can’t help but be excited by all of the great toys, all of the great options for shooting.  Equipment prices continue to fall, and it’s easier and [...]

by Julie Keck & Jessica King What’s the TILT / Twitter connection? TILT was initially conceived 5 years ago by Phil Holbrook in a dream (see where the magic happened here), but it was actually born this winter on Twitter. A sterile environment? Not exactly. More like a petri dish where lots of wonderful things [...]