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It's time to celebrate, TILTtheTown!

It's time to celebrate, TILTtheTown!

All of the TILTtheTown bios = FINISHED! Hooray!

TILTtheBeginning: When Jessica came up with this idea last year (WAY before we started our Kickstarter campaign), we thought it would be fun (it was) and we thought it would be a great way to draw friends and fans to the project (it was.) One thing the two of us didn’t realize: how much time it would take to complete. TILTtheTown bios have been on our to-do list for a full 5 months, and it’s bittersweet to cross this task off the list. The TILTtheTown characters (like the backers they were crafted for) have become a big part of our lives.

Sometimes we made tarts for our backers.

We love our backers, like the real Maria Rossi (Backer #63) and her TtheT alter ego, a recycling buff and an 8-yr old mayoral candidate

TILTtheWork: We knew TILTtheTown would be a lot of work, and that was okay with us. Part of the reason we did it was that we knew we had the creativity (free) and the time (double free), and free sounds really good when you’re trying to make a movie. For each bio Jess and I drew inspiration from what we knew about the backer (if they were a friend or family member), what we could find about them online (if they’d provided a website), or, as a last resort, from their name.


TILTtheTimeCommitment: TILTtheTown probably wouldn’t have taken so long to complete if we’d kept the bios shorter, hadn’t spent so much time connecting the stories, and hadn’t fussed over making them as fanciful as possible. However, we really wanted to give our backers something special for believing in our project, and we would absolutely do it again. Eventually.

Who thought up this cockamamie idea? Oh...it was me.

Who thought up this cockamamie idea? Oh...it was me.

TILTtheStories: Each backer has his/her own story. Many have their own businesses. As we crafted the stories, themes emerged. TILTtheTown holds a lot of people who have traveled a lot and then settled in TILTtheTown, as well as many people who were born in TILTtheTown and never stepped out of it a day in their lives.  Many started their adult lives planning to be one thing, but then followed their dreams and became another. Some have their heads in the clouds; some only look down at their feet. And they’re all connected to one another.

Julie wrote backer Michele Simmons' twitterhandle on her arm to make connecting Michele to others easier.

After a few typos, Julie wrote backer Michele Simmons' twitter handle on her arm to make connecting Michele to others easier.

TILTtheConnections: Almost every bio in TILTtheTown is connected to 3 – 6 other bios. If you view the storybook version of TILTtheTown, you can jump from bio to bio to see how people are linked. The storybook is a PDF version of the stories from the town with hyperlinks that link backers to other backers. Those who contributed early in the campaign tend to be connected to more people because they were around longer. There are romances. There are business owners and employees. There are rivals and allies. But mostly…there’s a lot of fun.

TILTtheBackers: Within each bio, we provide links to each backer’s website / Twitterfeed, if that information was provided when they signed up on Kickstarter. We also added links to the Twitterfeeds of those mentioned within each bio, as available. We wanted to promote our backers as a way of thanking them for their support. We also wanted them to be able to find each other to play, if desired.

One set of TILTtheTown rivals (TILTtheTown mayor Paul Barrett and TILTtheTown HOA president Justin Hedges) waged a fake and playful war on Twitter over gnome use in our imaginary village that resulted in a real life talk about working together, and now Paul has optioned a script by Justin. Talk about connecting…

What we’re REALLY love to see is a TILTtheTown-inspired love affair. Maybe in its next incarnation…

Even when Jess was working on TILTtheTown, she was playing.

Even while working on TILTtheTown, we were playing.

So what’s next?

Thank you to all of our amazing backers. We hope you like your bios. If you have a moment, tell us what YOU think about TILTtheTown!

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