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Congratulations to TILT: the Score Group #2 Finalists: TONY SMITH (53% of the votes) (www.boyfriendacademy.com) STEVEN MCKNIGHT (25% of the votes) (www.naiveradio.wordpress.com) & (Twitter: falsettoclergy) This was another great round. ALL of our Group #2 composers/competitors submitted work they should be proud of, and we’re grateful that they each took the time to enter our [...]

We have some great announcements in store for you in the coming weeks, including updates about the TILT: THE SCORE contest (voting starts 5/17), casting (yay!), the 1st draft of TILT: THE SCRIPT (yikes!), the launch of TILT: THE TOWN (what?), and much more! However, right now we’d like to take a moment to thank [...]

by Julie & Jessica of King is a Fink Director Phil Holbrook had been kicking around his idea for TILT for a few years, but our involvement with the project started on December 29th, 2009, with this message: Just for the sake of discussion, what do you think you would charge for a script, if [...]

Originally Posted: Thursday, February 25, 2010 – 11:38 AM The Tilt gang meets up for the first time. Was it weird? You bet!  Watch the video below to see our first face to face Tilt meeting where we reveal a brief synopsis, discuss who our audience is, and chat about locations. Finally, some info on [...]

One of our goals with Tilt is to include the audience every step of the way. While we (Phil, Jeremy, Julie & I) are all passionate about filmmaking and storytelling, we aren’t experts on everything that’s involved with making, marketing, or distributing a feature film. In fact, it’s incredibly daunting for all of us. Therefore, [...]

What is TILT? A feature-length dramatic thriller we’re making in 2010 Who’s involved? Phil Holbrook (directing & producing), Jessica King (writing & producing), Julie Keck (writing), Jeremy Doyle (cinematography), everyone else (TBA) What’s it about? A father, a daughter, a tragedy, and some revenge. Not necessarily listed in order of appearance. When is the movie [...]