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We are happy to announce that our new music collaborator is…Bill Finn! Bill had an impressive showing in the TILTtheScore Contest. He won the 3rd round of voting with 40% of the total votes and placed a very close second in the final round with almost 170 votes.  He has a BA in guitar performance [...]

Here we are – the final round. Congratulations to everyone who made it! Voting for the Final Round runs Wed, 5/26, at 12pm CST and ends Mon, 5/31, at 12pm CST. The TILT team will pick the Winner from the top 3 vote-getters from the Final Round. The Winner of this contest will be revealed [...]

Congratulations to TILT: the Score Group #3 Finalists: BILL FINN (40% of the votes) (http://www.billfinnmusic.com) BOBBY LEWIS (onYou) (37% of the votes) (http://www.onyoumusic.com/) & (Twitter: @onYouMusic) Bill and Bobby now join Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Hadlington, Steven McKnight, and Tony Smith in the Final Round. The final round of voting starts at 12noonCST on Wednesday, May [...]

Two groups of amazing TILT: the Score entries down, one more to go… Voting for Groups 1 and 2 is finished. Check out our Group #1 finalists and our Group #2 finalists. Voting for Group 3 ends Wednesday, 5/26, at 12pm CST.  The top 2 vote-getters will advance to the Final Round. For more info [...]

Congratulations to TILT: the Score Group #2 Finalists: TONY SMITH (53% of the votes) (www.boyfriendacademy.com) STEVEN MCKNIGHT (25% of the votes) (www.naiveradio.wordpress.com) & (Twitter: falsettoclergy) This was another great round. ALL of our Group #2 composers/competitors submitted work they should be proud of, and we’re grateful that they each took the time to enter our [...]

One group of amazing TILT the Score entries down, two to go… Voting for Group 1 is finished. Find out who made it to the Final Round here. Voting for Group 2 ends Sunday, 5/23, at 12pm CST.  The top 2 vote-getters will advance to the Final Round. For more info about the rules and [...]

Congratulations to TILT: the Score Group #1 Finalists: CARLOS GONZALEZ (30% of votes) MATT HADLINGTON (26% of votes) It was a very tight race.  We’d like to thank ALL of our Group #1 composers / competitors for all of their amazing work. Don’t forget to come back and support Carlos, Matt, and our other finalists [...]

The TILT team is overjoyed to have gotten 14 fabulous entries for our TILT: The Score contest.  We’d like to thank each of the entrants and congratulate them on their hard work.  No matter what the outcome of the contest, we hope that everyone had a great time and that their interest in creating quality [...]

We have some great announcements in store for you in the coming weeks, including updates about the TILT: THE SCORE contest (voting starts 5/17), casting (yay!), the 1st draft of TILT: THE SCRIPT (yikes!), the launch of TILT: THE TOWN (what?), and much more! However, right now we’d like to take a moment to thank [...]

Here we are folks – the video clips for the scoring contest are up!  Our apologies for being a bit behind schedule. But sometimes genius takes extra time… The video (which is embedded at the end of this post) is made up of two very different 2-minute clips.  There is no audio of any kind [...]